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"If you're willing to put up with the virtually inexistent service, Afsona's delicious and affordable food will not disappoint you. Come here with an open mind and ready to embrace a completely new cuisine. Afsona ignores most of the common customer courtesies restaurants provide, to an almost comical degree. Usually a waiter will tell you any items missing from the kitchen--not here as you go through the menu and order, they'll tell you flatly "We've just ran out.". For some reason, the restaurant couldn't provide us with tap water, only bottled water. When paying the bill, they wouldn't allow the bill to be split, and they didn't provide an itemized receipt at the end. One of the bathrooms also doesn't have a working light but hey, it's got the same faucet as my apartment, which I found cool. The term Soviet-era hospitality is an oxymoron, needless to say. However, it's worth ignoring because the food here really is that good and dirt cheap. Most of the menu isn't quite in English but we still ordered well. The lamb rib and ground beef kabobs listed in the menu under shishlik were smoky from the charcoal grill and perfectly seasoned. The bread was fresh and warm, almost like a focaccia with a golden egg-brushed crust, topped with sesame seeds. The Armenian cabbage was crispy and slightly pickled, a refreshing start to the meal. I was a big fan of the samsa puff pastry filled with sweet onions and beef and the manti boiled dumplings, also filled with meat. The total for all that food came to roughly $40 with tax and tip for 2 people--a real bargain considering the quality. If you're in the area, come here with an open mind and ready to embrace a completely new cuisine."

"January 16, 2020"

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Afsona Located in Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn. Afsona is open Today. Wednesday March 29th from 11:00 am -until 09:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Middle Eastern, Russian Cuisine

414 Ditmas Ave , 11218

1502 Cortelyou Rd. ,
6201 20th Ave , 11204
6314 14th Avenue NY 11219,
7315 3rd Ave , 11209
414 Ditmas Ave , 11218
414 Ditmas Ave , 11218
418 Ditmas Ave , 11218
420 Ditmas Ave , 11218
312 Dtimas Ave , 11218
310 Ditmas Ave , 11218
310 Ditmas Ave , 11218
312 Ditmas Ave , 11218
312 Ditmas Ave , 11218
306 Ditmas Ave NY 11218,
307A Ditmas Ave , 11218
115 Ditmas Ave , 11218
7201 16th Avenue,

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