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"The best ice cream ever, tastier then Ralphs..everything is soooo good."

"January 16, 2020"



"I think I love this place more than my kids do. Seriously. The ice cream is fresh and delicious, the toppings are to die for. They put REAL WHIPPED cream on the sundaes. 'nuff said."

"January 16, 2020"



"A little piece of yesteryear inside. Its like walking into a scene of Happy Days or on the set of an old time movie from the 70s with all the old candy and soda fountain treats. This is where you get a real Eggcream not like some of the others who claim to make them and open a can of club sodo to mix it up for you. This place is a lot of fun."

"January 16, 2020"



"I love this place. I see candy from when I was a kid, what happened to the prices? lol The ice cream is great and the soda fountain specialties are to die for. I love going there after a night out to eat with the family."

"January 16, 2020"



"This place is dangerous because it`s so close to my house. I have made a rule with myself that I can only walk here, never drive. They have all kinds of candy for sale in fun sizes for 10 to 20 cents apiece. Very dangerous! The other thing is the "1 scoop" sundae really has about 3 scoops of ice cream and the "2 scoop" actually has about 6 or 7. The people who work there are also very friendly and attentive. If you are lactose intolerant or counting calories, this place is not for you. Otherwise, enjoy the danger!"

"January 16, 2020"

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Location & Details

Egger's Located in Castleton Corners neighborhood of Staten Island. Egger's is open Today. Thursday June 30th from 11:00 am -until 09:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Desserts Cuisine

1194 Forest ave , 10310
718-981-2110 Order online

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