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"I recently returned to Fina for lunch and my initial 3-star review remains While this is a great addition to the 'hood, I have to politely disagree with those Yelpers who think it surpasses nearby Wheated. No way. This is old school pizza, dressed up with better crust and ingredients--and while 1000x better than say, Little Tonino's a few blocks away, it is not destination-worthy, while imho, Wheated, especially for anyone craving Roberta's-style pizza minus the schlep to Bushwick, most definitely is. Anyway, this time we got a whole pie topped with shallots and pancetta. The kitchen was way too heavy-handed with the shallots, which completely overwhelmed the pancetta. And though no fault of Fina, I think maybe I prefer good-old fashioned bacon over pancetta, its flavor was just too subtle for me. The crust was thinner on this visit, which I liked, but it had a subtle yeasty flavor which I wasn't crazy about.---and it did get soggy after it had cooled a bit. I like that this spot is open for lunch, unlike Wheated, and would like to return and try a plain pie--which may be where it's at... The toppings I have tried so far have just not done it for me. I would love to see them offer some more choices... like maybe bacon, thinly slivered onion lose the shallots and sliced hot cherry peppers.... Pepe's or Modern Apizza in New Haven...or maybe both...I don't recall, do a pizza with these toppings that I am mad about.... And as I mentioned in my previous review, I think a couple salads and appetizers would make this spot more destination-worthy."

"January 16, 2020"

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Location & Details

Fina Pizza Located in Windsor Terrace neighborhood of Brooklyn. Fina Pizza is open Today. Monday May 29th from 11:00 am -until 09:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Pizzeria Cuisine

3007 Fort Hamilton Pkwy , 11218

1502 Cortelyou Rd. ,
453 7th Ave , 11215
7315 3rd Ave , 11209
3007 Fort Hamilton Pkwy , 11218
3007 Fort Hamilton Pkwy , 11218
3007 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, NY 11218
3019 Fort Hamilton Pkwy , 11218
3019 Fort Hamilton Parkway, NY 11218
3021 Fort Hamilton Parkway , 11218
3021 Fort Hamilton Pkwy , 11218
3021 Fort Hamilton Pkwy , 11218
2926 Fort Hamilton Parkway , 11218
424 Greenwood Ave , 11218
359 McDonald Ave , 11218
359 McDonald Ave , 11218

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