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"My best friend and I decided to work outside for a change. We brought our laptops and looked for a place with wifi around 11 am last Wednesday. We usually do this for our "midweek session". We came across Janelle's and it was a good timing because they just opened. We were starving and as we entered the restaurant, I can smell the food that made me more hungry. So we decided to have an early lunch. As I searched through the menu, I was directly lead to the lunch special because I was really hungry and would take just anything to eat. I ordered Jerk chicken with plain rice. It was great because they already included some vegetables with it to complete the meal. My best friend took the same. The price was affordable for a lunch. It took like 10 minutes and the food was served. I was impressed as they understood how hungry I was. The food was fantastic and not to mention the wifi was fast too. I also loved their avocado salad. Great place to dine."

"January 16, 2020"

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Location & Details

Janelle's Located in Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. Janelle's is open Today. Friday June 2nd from 11:00 am -until 09:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving American, Caribbean Cuisine

671 Washington Ave , 11238

699 Classon Avenue, NY 11238
453 7th Ave , 11215
671 Washington Ave , 11238
663 Washington Ave , 11238
681 Wasington Ave , 11238
681 Washington Ave , 11238
702 Washington Ave , 11238
661 Washington Ave , 11238
706 Washington Ave , 11238
708 Washington Ave , 11238
708 Washington Ave , 11238
696 Washington Ave , 11238
687B Washington Ave , 11238
687 Washington Ave , 11238

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