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"wish I can give them below 0. My suggestion to eat something Non-Halal but don't waste your money at this filthy & unprofessional place. This place is a bad stigma to Pakistani Indian or Halal food. Expensive, careless & outdated dangerous for health food. This place should be closed by authorities seriously it's a joke for NYC. Guys if you are liking this place then unfortunately you are being misguided. Look for something real Pakistani & Authentic if there's one. I was new in NYC coming from London & I would prefer a stall sandwich to this tasteless, unhygienic & make shift kind of food. By the way I always prefer good Pakistani Indian cuisine over any other option but this place is a "No Go" ever unless you are desperate. My friends whom I proudly took them to this place are mocking me now. Heavily charged for food & takeaway order was missing many items when we were ready to eat. You'll find one odd guy struggling with understanding your needs & You'll end up paying pricey bill for things you didn't order. Trust me this is not what Pakistani cuisine is about. If you don't believe me then order once, keep the leftover food in fridge freezer overnight & then smell it next morning. May be You'll belive then. Best Wishes"

"July 10, 2022"

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Kashmir 9 Located in neighborhood of Manhattan. Kashmir 9 is open Today. Saturday April 1st from 10:30 am -until 11:59 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Indian, Pakistani Cuisine

478 9th Ave. Bet, New York

5404 Park Ave,
478 9th Ave. Bet, New York
480 9th AVE (BTW.36TH & 37TH ST,
472 9th Ave, NY 10018
468 9th Ave, NY 10018
462 9th Ave, NY 10018
464 9th Ave, NY 10018
496 9th Ave, NY 10018
456 9th Ave, NY 10018
450 9th Ave. (CORNER OF 35TH ST), NY 10018
518 9th Ave, NY 10018
522 9th Ave, NY 10018
204 W. 14th Street,

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