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    I just wanted to order some food for delivery. Like other thousands of Brooklyn residents I live alone. So I called them gave my order and the unprofessional employee who picked the phone up told me that they have got a minimum order amount policy for delivery which is $20. I said ok. And I was forced to order sth else to reach $20. Anyway finakky my order was exactly $19.76. And she was still telling me I needed to order more. I said ok make that $19.76 to $20.00 I am ready to pay the difference no problem. She said NO. I said why We are talking for onlly 24 cents and I am ready to pay that amount. She asked her manager and that manager said the same thing NO. I said I already ordered more than enough food for a single person and please adjust that amount to 20.00 USD and let me have the order. Again they said NO than I said ok cancel the order. They said OK So what I can tell you is these places see us not like customers. They just see us like someone to be ripped off. Please consider my experiences to go or order from these guys Visited December 2012

    Recenty Posted by Tarkan
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    Food in this restaurant is a disaster.Pilaf is the worst I ever ate,way overcooked,no spice,looks like 2 days old,tasteless.Meat is dry and not delicious.Would not recommend.On scale 1 to 5: Pilaf or Uzbek plov-1-disaster! Samsa-3 Lulya kebab-3+ Manti-4 Lamb kebab-3+

    Recenty Posted by anonymous
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    Disaster food!

    Recenty Posted by anonymous

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