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Schnitzel Haus

7319 5th Avenue, NY 11209

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"The first German Restaurant that I've been two with authentic German cuisine. I like that they have separate menus for normal daytime meals, for dinner and for catering. Another unique feature about this restaurant is that they have bands that perform once in a while. For any one looking to try German plates for the very first time I would advice them to try the raeucherforelle appetizer which is smoked trout with other flavors, the best pork I tried was schnitzels jaegerschnitzel pork cutlets, the best salad I tried was gemischter satat des hauses veggies, the best flavored soup being gulasch suppe which is mainly beef soup,of all the famous German sausages the one I liked the sot is the knackwurstteller sausage, other pork dishes include sulze mit bratkartoffeln pork, the best poultry being Haehnchen cordon bleu chicken dish, I took the Rindsgulasch mit Nulden to go, the best side dish I've tried so far is the kartoffelknoedel pot dumpling side dish, and ended my meal with the apfelstrudel warm apple strudel dessert. Great and first service with good order turnaround."

"January 16, 2020"

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Location & Details

Schnitzel Haus Located in Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn. Schnitzel Haus is open Today. Friday January 21st from 12:00 pm -until 09:15 pm Delivery, is available. Serving German Cuisine

7319 5th Avenue, NY 11209
718-836-5600 Order online

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