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"This use to be one of my favorite places to get a nice meal but lately it has taken a huge dive in the way their food tastes. So disgusting and disappointing and expensive. Don’t mind paying for food but at least let it be worth the price. They give u curried beef and try to pass it as curry goat, the food isn’t spicy just pepper, the macaroni bland, the dumplings oily and taste like whatever kitchen rag they use. So sad when you really rather stop eating and throw away the food because you can’t bare to take another bite. Please get the old chef back."

"May 06, 2022"


"The food is good, but there is one woman server who always seems to be in a bad mood. If she forgot that her job is to serve with a nice demeanor, she needs to reminded. I also think this is a Jamaican bad attitude. Please be courteous and you may get tips."

"March 11, 2022"

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Location & Details

Spring Garden Located in Springfield Gardens neighborhood of Queens. Spring Garden is open Today. Wednesday March 29th from 11:00 am -until 09:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Caribbean Cuisine

135-29 Springfield Blvd , 11413

135-29 Springfield Blvd , 11413
134-47 Springfield Blvd, NY 11413
134-47 Springfield Blvd, NY 11413
134-47 Springfield Blvd , 11413
134-62 Springfield Blvd , 11413
213-19 Merrick Blvd , 11413
218-28 Merrick Blvd, NY 11413
219-17 Merrick Blvd Laurelton,
131-04 Merrick Blvd , 11434
224-01 Merrick Blvd , 11413
224-11 Merrick Blvd,
129-26 Merrick Blvd , 11434

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