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"Went in starving, dying. Some skinny woman who was the boss had legit the nastiest attitude when I asked for a can of soda with my meal. She was yelling and over the top, I don't know what to do, I went in for some food not for a circus. I'm really upset plus they are expensive! Ugh!"

"January 16, 2020"


"I agree with the person before myself they are very rude they have bad customer service they seem to come off a tad bit racist"

"January 16, 2020"


"I'm a long time Bushwick resident and am currently involved in a work from home program through my company. Was really looking forward to becoming a new patron of this establishment as it could have been a long standing relationship. I ordered my favorite Dominican breakfast, mangu with the works. Specifically told the woman to provide me with extra onions, walk back home and guess what? NO ONIONS???? Whats mangu without them? I call back and ask to have some delivered to me and the woman who picks up basically says that it can not be done and there is no offering to compensate me for anything......poor customer service. Will not be frequenting this place...The freakin Chinese delivery guy brings me sauce when he forgets it and they can't provide me with this important ingredient to what could have been an awesome breakfast. BUMMER."

"January 16, 2020"

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Location & Details

The Ave Lunchbox Located in neighborhood of Brooklyn. The Ave Lunchbox is open Today. Sunday July 3rd from 11:00 am -until 09:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Spanish Cuisine

587 Wilson Ave , 11207
347-955-5420 Order online

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