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"First experience. I ordered a Pastrami on Rye and it was moist and tasted very good. I also ordered a Knish which was just a regular GABILA's style but I enjoyed it. Here is where they need to make an adjustment. The Matzo Ball Soup had way, way too much salt. I believe Matzo Ball Soup is supposed to be seasoned with salt and pepper to taste AFTER it has been cooked or it will be too salty. You could tell the Matzo Ball would have been creamy and delicious if it wasn't so incredibly salty. I'm coming back for more. The Pastrami Shoppe filled my need for Jewish Deli as there is no other place on Staten Island that just does Jewish Deli Style. Thanks guys. Oh, and the young guy and girl working the front needed a better exhaust fan and better air conditioning. I was in there for five minutes and my eyes where on fire."

"July 23, 2022"

"I am from the Golden line of restauranteurs and this has to be the worst tasteless pastrami I ever had. And the cheap bucket potatoe salad that they charged me three times the normal price was just that-cheap crap. Never again is all I can say. And never compare this to Golden's deli as this is garbage quality. I would give it a zero if I could."

"January 22, 2022"


"Passed this establishment a bunch of times and finally decided to give it a try tonite. I read the reviews and honestly figured I'd be my own judge since there were a few negatives. Well I was very happy I did. From the young lady who answered, polite, patient and kind, to the very polite delivery man who treated me the same. And the food was delicious! The pastrami (I ordered lean) was exactly how I wanted, the potato salad and cole slaw were exceptional as well. I will def go back, or order out. And for the type of fare, I thought their prices were reasonable. Thanks for an enjoyable meal."

"September 16, 2021"

"Not worth the wait . Over 1 hour 15 for two pastrami sandwiches and hot dog. Not a great place if you actually work and only have an hour to eat."

"September 14, 2021"


"I wish them well. The pastrami was delicious. The fries not a fan. We’re ice cold & not even cooked. Order a corned beef rueben that was horrible. They called to see how everything was I was very honest told them tasted sour & there was no Swiss cheese. They gave me a credit for another 1 at another time. Ordered the other day was worse this time. Once again no Swiss & the dressing tasted sour. Shredded meat. Horrible. They need to either take the rueben off the menu or Google how to make. Very disappointed"

"June 11, 2021"


"I received my order on time . The pastrami was good but I do wish it was in slices and not like pull pork. When u picked up the sandwich everything came out . The cold slaw was good we also got a round kanish it was ok but not worth 4.00.. I would order again"

"May 27, 2021"


"I believe that all negative reviews of this restaurant are competitor bashing - I have ordered a few times and each time we had no issues and the food was excellent. Someone looks at soggy bread as 0 stars, in all honesty our bread was delicious, soaked up with delicious drippings I wouldn't change it. The food is good right away, but we had left overs which were heated up about 6 hours later - they tasted even better. We did not run into any of the issues such as wait times or ignorance from workers, maybe we got lucky or maybe the person writing wait reviews bashing. I really want this place to stay part of our restaurant options , it would be great to be able to order from here at least a few times per month."

"May 10, 2021"

"If I could give it 0 stars I would. Got there right after it opened so only 1 other customer and he was just picking up his sandwich. No other customers, 5 people behind the counter, only 1 guy working which every other worker kept interrupting him to ask something, stopping him over and over again while he made our sandwiches, had to wait over a 1/2 hour just for 2 large & 1 junior BAD pastrami sandwiches for a whopping $49. I wanted to order mac & Cheese but said they didn't have it, why open at 11:30 if you have not prepped your food yet for the day??. They were supposed to be 3 hot sandwiches and all 3 were cold. The pastrami was very greasy soaked through the rye bread and when we tried to eat it the bread fell apart wet from so much grease. I ended up removing the bread and heating it on a plate just so that I could not waste the money spent. Honestly the round Pastrami in Top Tomato has more taste and A LOT less grease. I could have bought Top Tomato Pastrami, heated it up and put on rye to make my own sandwich for less than 1/2 the cost. WILL NOT BUY FROM HERE AGAIN, WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY for a cold overpriced sandwich."

"May 01, 2021"

"I wish them well and realize new restaurants need to work the kinks out, but they really are a hot mess! When I walked in and a man was yelling about the long wait and they were giving the wrong people the wrong orders , I should have just left . I gave them a chance , and sorry I did. I asked before ordering if I could buy “lean” corned beef and pastrami , I was told absolutely! Well my garbage disposal is full of disgusting clumps of fat ( and I mean clumps). I bought the meat by the pound to make sandwiches 2.5 pounds. Honestly I can say , I threw away 3/4 of what I bought. Knishes are bought not made by them. Cole slaw is commercial not home made . Mac and cheese is tasteless . Huge disappointment. I should have went to Harolds! Even the owner handing out a free “morning old” ( stale) overstuffed doughnuts to the customers waiting, would not make me go back!!! PS the staff was telling people on the phone that the fryer wasn’t working to make fries and onion rings ..... the 8 people behind the counter just couldn’t handle making them."

"April 23, 2021"

"Order lunch with my co-workers. We waited for 1 hour and 3 mins for food to come that was ice cold."

"April 23, 2021"


"Excellent food but suggesting to add sandwiches on pickles - would be PERFEcT for low carb diet followers -"

"April 23, 2021"


"Tried for the first time today. Pastrami excellent, other sandwiches good as well. Cole slaw amazing."

"April 21, 2021"


"Ordered out last night, it was delicious!! We had pastrami & cornbeef sandwiches, fries, cucumber salad, kinishes & pickles Loved it!! Can’t wait to eat there in person! Wishing them the best of luck"

"April 17, 2021"

"I never write reviews but I had to this time. If that man behind the counter is the owner I have to say I wouldn’t mind working for him. Very respectful towards his employees. The Cornbeef sandwich was excellent. Well worth the wait"

"April 17, 2021"

"Wait too long for the food Not worth the wait"

"April 16, 2021"

"Pastrami was terrible no French fries or onion rings service was slow as hell wouldn’t recommend to eat there even if it was free"

"April 15, 2021"


"Excellent excellent excellent, the Pastrami is Homemade and absolutely delicious, wow just the right cut tender, very tasty. Will be trying other menu items shortly."

"April 15, 2021"


"Tried this place out oddly enough on the first day.. When I found out they just opened it was ready for some kinks.. Oh my God was I suprised, the pastrami was amazing. They have a nice specialty sandwich menu but Im a traditionalist and went with straight pastrami in rye with swiss and some kind of horseradish sauce... I fell on love it first bite.. There was so much flavor in the meat that your can tell right off the bat its home made... Absolutely delicious.. Cant wait to try some of the specials...."

"April 15, 2021"


"April 14, 2021"

"It’s about time that Staten Islanders have a kosher style deli in the mix. I miss Goldens deli. ????"

"April 07, 2021"


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Location & Details

The Pastrami Shoppe Located in Great Kills neighborhood of Staten Island. The Pastrami Shoppe is open Today. Monday June 24th from 11:30 am -until 07:15 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Sandwiches Cuisine

4126 Hylan Blvd,
718-255-9061 Visit Website

4126 hylan Blvd NY 10308,
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4069 Hylan Boulevard ,
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4215 Hylan Blvd, NY 10308
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369 Cleveland Ave , 10308
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154 Mansion Ave , 10308
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331 Hillside Terrace, NY 10308
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4300 Amboy Road ,
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4370 Amboy Road, NY 10312
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4255 Amboy Road , 10308
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3994 Amboy Rd, NY 10308
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3981 Amboy Rd, NY 10308
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