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"WORST EXPERIENCE....... I HAVE BEEN TO THIS RESTAURANT MANY TIME UNTIL MY FOLLOWING EXPERIENCE, on a early Sunday morning 430AM i when to this restaurant with a couple of my friends AFTER A NIGHT OF PARTYING...... To the point... after making my order and i waited for a long time just for a Torta de milanesa de pollo a chicken sandwich. i toke a seat in from of the pastry show case. When i start to eat my food i looked over the pastry show case...... and there was a HUGE COCkROACH just lingering around the desert...... I SPIT MY FOOD OUT MY MOUTH........ i couldn't believe it but the worst was to come..... after the COCKROACH had been feeding all over the pastry. MY friends and i address the problem with a young lady WE NAMED HER SALLY THE ROACH KILLER and can u believe that she killed the COCkROACH INSIDE THE PASTRY SHOW CASE AND THEN WIPE THE REMAINING OF THE INSECT WITH THE SAME RAG SHE WAS CLEANING THE COUNTER TOPS WHERE THE FOOD IS PREP............ THEN SHE PLACES THE RAG INSIDE THE SINK AND CONTINUES TO CLEAN THE DIRTY DISHES WITH THE SAME RAG............ AND HERE COMES THE WORST............................... A CUSTOMER WALKS IN AND ASK FOR A TRES LECHE PASTRY AND THE YOUNG LADYSally GIVES HIM THE SAME PASTRY THAT THE COCKROAST WAS FEED FROM............. I GAGGED...... AND EVER SENSE I REFUSE TO GO BACK.... I Should of called the NYS Department of Health, and NYS Department of Food Services............"

"January 16, 2020"

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Location & Details

Angels 1 Bakery Located in Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. Angels 1 Bakery is open Today. Thursday March 30th from 11:00 am -until 09:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Desserts, Mexican Cuisine

4003 5th Ave , 11232

453 7th Ave , 11215
7205 3rd Avenue,
7204 3rd Avenue., NY 11209
7315 3rd Ave , 11209
8402 3rd Ave , 11209
4003 5th Ave , 11232
4009 5th Ave.,
4015 5th Ave , 11232
40-15 5th Avenue, NY 11232
4017 5th Ave , 11232
4021 5th Avenue , 11232
3917 5th Ave , 11232
4022 5th Ave , 11232
4020 5th Avenue ,
3905 5th Avenue, NY
3905 5th Ave , 11232
3908 5th Ave , 11232
6817-6821 4th Ave 11220,
7316 3rd Ave , 11209
7410 3rd Ave , 11209

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