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"The food arrived on time hot and fresh Everything was perfect thank you"

"January 04, 2023"

"Called after an hour to make sure my order was received since it was taking so long. I was told it will be here any minute. Still no delivery after almost another half hour. Called to cancel order since it was now almost 8pm. The man hung up on me. I called back to ask why he hung up, he said he thought I had my order. Order finally arrived. I put in the instructions, Please DO NOT ring bell. Leave on chair. And delivery person still rang doorbell. Said he didn’t know. Guessing he wasn’t relayed the message. Extremely disappointed with the customer service lying and telling me the order was on its way. Would have not been a problem if they just told me it wasn’t made yet. Definitely need a better way to deal with customers."

"April 26, 2022"

"Good food….timely delivery….reasonable pricing."

"October 16, 2021"



"The best Chinese food on the north shore. While the restaurant was closed and relocating we tried nearly every restaurant from China new star to crown palace, mandarin house, yummy yummy and nearly every other place we could find. Many of them were great but there is something about empire that makes it the go to. First their kitchen is open and the restaurant is immaculately clean, it is casual dine in or fast take out. Deliveries take 20 minutes, 30 minutes is considered late for them and it rarely happens. The food portion is large and the quality is high. Packed neatly. The price is a bit more than others but the coupons they advertise with makes it worth it, I guess it’s a way to make the advertising pay for itself, whatever the case delicious Do you find this Review Helpful?"

"April 07, 2020"


American,Italian, 0 Miles Away

Full Selection of Indian Cuisine / Tandoor Oven / Meat, Seafood & More!

Italian 0 Miles Away

American 0 Miles Away

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Location & Details

Empire Szechuan Garden Located in Westerleigh neighborhood of Staten Island. Empire Szechuan Garden is open Today. Sunday September 24th from 12:00 pm -until 08:30 pm Delivery, 1Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 1 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => Restaurants offering Alcohol/Beer/Wine ) [1] => Array ( [id] => 2 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => Restaurants offering Catering ) [2] => Array ( [id] => 4 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => Restaurants offering Take Out ) [3] => Array ( [id] => 5 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => Restaurants offering Wait Staff/Dine In ) [4] => Array ( [id] => 100 [active_class] => [city] => 1 [service_name] => ) ) Restaurants offering Alcohol/Beer/Wine is available. Serving Asian, Chinese Cuisine

1495 Forest Avenue ,

1495 Forest Avenue ,
1495 Forest Ave., NY 10302
1351 Forest Avenue, NY 10302
676 Forest Avenue,
1298 Forest Avenue,
1640 Forest Avenue,
1637 Forest Avenue, NY 10302
921 Richmond Avenue, NY 10314
302 Morningstar Rd,
432 Manor Rd, NY 10314
2048 Victory Boulevard ,
20 Bradley Ave , 10314

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