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"Frank's Bay Pizza I am a disabled person in a wheelchair. So when I make an order I really expect it to be perfect. Maybe that's asking too much but I simply want what I'm paying for. I want my food to be warm and not cold like the beef patty that I received from them. Let alone burnt. I complained and I said it didn't seem like there was hardly any bacon in my tortellini carbonara and the container wasn't full. They said they can't afford to give a full container and this is how they make their food. I've had bigger portions with a lot more bacon from other places. I really expected it to be so much better than what I received because my friends order from there and they said that their food was absolutely wonderful. They refused to replace it tonight. They said they would give me a credit for the next time because they were too busy. I don't think this is fair and I feel very ripped off. I wouldn't recommend this place because a restaurant should take some responsibility for their food and if it's not right then they have to make good on it right then and there. I asked them if I could send them a picture of it. And they replied with take a picture and keep it for good luck. This was after I had explained that I was disabled and this is a big thing for me to get this food I don't usually order and I feel like they ripped me off. I'm giving them a complete thumbs-down and they know where they can stick it! And I still want them to give me back the money for the beef patty!!! Have a GOOD ONE!!!????"

"February 22, 2021"


"Taste like they vomited in my food."

"January 16, 2020"



"good pizza"

"January 16, 2020"

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Location & Details

Frank's Bay Pizza Located in Stapleton neighborhood of Staten Island. Frank's Bay Pizza is open Today. Friday March 31st from 10:30 am -until 10:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Pizzeria Cuisine

200 Canal St. ,

637 Bay Street ,
500 Bay Street, NY
977 Bay Street , 10305
1072 Bay Street ,
1140 Bay Street,
120 Bay Street , 10301
70 Bay St, NY 10301
372 Forest Avenue , 10301
1400 Clove Road ,
500 Forest Avenue , 10310
538 Forest Ave , 10310
782 Richmond Terrace, 10301

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