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"Thank God I tried two places for lunch for my brief day trip to Brooklyn. Compared to Twin Lins which forever more shall be called the place that shall not be mentioned this place was an oasis in the desert. ! The roast pork was very flavorful and moist. I also asked for and received a nice big chunk of the skin that has all of the wonderful fatty seasoned flavor! The rice and beans were pretty much par for the course with the beans being a little overcooked. The rotisserie chicken was excellent. The white meat was still juicy and had plenty of flavor. It's a very small establishment so service can be a little hectic as there seems to be a constant flow of people . All in all though for $5.50 for their lunch special it's hard to beat the quality of their meat and their decent portions!"

"January 16, 2020"


"just had the "beef stew" it was all fat and bone,just the worst Dominican food I ever had"

"January 16, 2020"

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Location & Details

La Parada Express Located in Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. La Parada Express is open Today. Friday March 31st from 11:00 am -until 09:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving American, Spanish Cuisine

460 3rd Ave , 11215

453 7th Ave , 11215
115 Smith Street , 11201
460 3rd Ave , 11215
460 3rd Ave , 11215
452 3rd Ave , 11215
452 3rd Ave , 11215
457 3rd Ave , 11215
439 3rd Ave , 11215
437 3rd Ave , 11215
433 3rd Ave , 11215
473 3rd Ave , 11215
139 9th St, NY 11215
424-A 3rd Ave , 11215
191 7th Street , 11215

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