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"they give you plenty of delicious food. very happy with my dinner."

"June 13, 2022"

"food was delicious as usual. Driver was courteous and apologetic for the longer than usual delivery time."

"June 08, 2022"


"Their pizza is terrible now. Used to have amazing dough, but now it comes paper thin and tasteless. It's happened to us twice already. You can't even pick it up to eat it...I had to use a bowl to eat my pizza. If you LOVE garlic, you'd love their garlic bread b/c ots packed with garlic chunks. Too much for me, but others may love it. Their hero bread still tastes great which is the only reason they didn't get a one star."

"November 20, 2021"

"Love their pizza! Always delivered hot and perfect. Awesome customer"

"November 05, 2021"

"We waited almost 2 hours for our delivery that was only supposed to take 45mins. I ended up picking up the food myself. When I got home(6mins away) the food was cold and not fresh"

"October 10, 2021"

"Great food lobster pizza the best !"

"July 15, 2021"


Rustic Pizza & Pasteria

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Pizzeria 0 Miles Away

Authentic, flavorful, well crafted pizza and pasta as well as other Italian...

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Location & Details

Rustic Pizza & Pasteria Located in neighborhood of Staten Island. Rustic Pizza & Pasteria is open Today. Saturday June 15th from 11:00 am -until 09:45 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Pizzeria Cuisine

97 Lincoln Avenue Staten island,
646-783-0254 Visit Website

97 Lincoln Avenue Staten island,
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100 Lincoln Ave,
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2110 Richmond Road , 10306
closed icon
287 New Dorp Lane ,
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170 New Dorp Lane,
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1775 Richmond Road ,
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331 New Dorp Lane ,
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1910 Hylan Blvd., NY 10305
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1910 Hylan Blvd , 10305
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2561 Hylan Boulevard, NY 10306
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1898 Hylan Boulevard, NY 10305
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1657 Richmond Rd. ,
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