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"Is Emmons Avenue finally starting to bring back its nightlife after Sandy I sure hope so. For nearly a year now, it's taken a while for many of the restaurant and lounges to get back on their feet. This restaurant, open nearly two weeks or so may be the mark of "new" Emmons, and I was excited for that, and wanted to try out this new place. Typical Russian style restaurant. If you don't know what that means, basically, its expensive, large portions for sharing with a large party, drinking and dancing. Last night, my husband and i came here around 8 pm and it was like he had rented out the entire restaurant just for us. It was completely empty, and no music yet. Probably because it was a Thursday! I'm sure on Friday, Saturday, even Sunday they will be much more crowded and "fun". I ordered the duck, and he ordered the salmon steak. Both were presented beautifully, and the food was pretty good. For an appetizer we order typical fried potatoes and mushrooms, for $20, LOL I KNOW. So far the experience was fine. This is definitely the place you would prefer to go with a large group of family or friends. You can share, and it wont turn out to be that pricey per person. The decor inside is lovely, i really liked the chairs and floors. I'll probably want to go back on a weekend night went more people are out and I don't feel like I am eating at a restaurant all alone with the waiters staring at you. We also started talking to the friendly manager Fayek and he was explaining to us all about how excited his was about the restaurant and how he hopes it will be a great success and new hot spot for dinner and dancing. He was really sweet and gave us an extravagant dessert on the house."

"January 16, 2020"


"I want to write down, I called to the Signature restaurant the person who is replied me very rude and no polite and unprofessional conversation on phone. I am not interesting attend to the Signature restaurant."

"January 16, 2020"

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Signature Located in Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn. Signature is open Today. Saturday April 1st from 11:00 am -until 09:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Mediterranean, Russian Cuisine

2007 Emmons Ave , 11235

181 West End Ave, NY 11235
2706 Avenue U ,
261 Avenue X , 11223
2007 Emmons Ave , 11235
2005 Emmons Ave , 11235
2005 Emmons Ave , 11235
2003 Emmons Ave , 11235
2001 Emmons Ave , 11235
2011 Emmons Ave , 11235
2011 Emmons Ave , 11235
2017 Emmons Ave , 11235
2100 Emmons Avenue Pier 10 , 11235
2027 Emmons Ave , 11235
2027 Emmons Ave #13 , 11235
2027 Emmons Ave , 11235
2478 Coney Island Ave , 11223

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