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"WARNING!!!!! DO NOT EAT AT HIBISCUS!!!!! I recently ate ate hibiscus last week and it was horrible, the main chief does not work there any more and the food is not the same, price went up, portions went down, never consistent, ever time I order it never taste the same , the waitress are rude, and act like they have no manners, I go to eat with my family to have my waitress brig my food with there chest all exposed for my husband and kids to see, this is not a family place, even the girls answering the phones are so nasty and rude, no where professional, you will get better service at McDonald's !!!!! Coolie people really don't know how to run a professional working environment especially with rude people as owners like Dave and Sydney who talk down to there staff so loud that all the customer was staring at the kitchen in disguise the last time I was there."

"January 16, 2020"

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Location & Details

Hibiscus Located in Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens. Hibiscus is open Today. Wednesday March 29th from 11:00 am -until 09:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Caribbean Cuisine

124 18 101st Ave, NY 11419

159-02 Hillside Avenue, NY 11432
124 18 101st Ave, NY 11419
125-17 101st Ave , 11419
126-18 101 Ave , 11419
119-19 101st Ave, NY 11419
119-08 94th Ave , 11419
119-16 101st Ave, NY 11419
94-08 Lefferts Blvd , 11419
94-06 Lefferts Blvd , 11419
118-06 Atlantic Ave , 11419
91-52 Lefferts Blvd Richmond Hill,
117-10 Atlantic Ave, NY 11419
130-02 101st Ave , 11419

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