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kevin p

"patient and asked to speak to a manager or supervisor, "the manager is not here" and " the supervisor just stepped out" she said. What a coincident, both the manager and supervisor being away as I needed assistance. She then hung up on me so i called back only to get the same person. I ask again for manager and she refused, she said something nasty to a coworker "this F-ing customer......." and handed the phone to her. She then repeated the say policy on how CC purchases are made. I said "I just want to pay with my card", she said" what do you want me to do " its your fault for not having any money. At this point i felt very insulted and had no choice but to have the delivery returned. Which bring me to writing this review. To summarize my review, Good food but VERY POOR SERVICE AND MANNERS from the STAFF. The owners and managers are really doing a poor job at managing the staff, or maybe they are not aware of what’s going on here. Hopefully, they are now."

"January 16, 2020"

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Location & Details

Nest Located in Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens. Nest is open Today. Saturday April 1st from 11:00 am -until 09:00 pm Delivery, is available. Serving Caribbean, Chinese Cuisine

125-17 101st Ave , 11419

159-02 Hillside Avenue, NY 11432
125-17 101st Ave , 11419
126-18 101 Ave , 11419
124 18 101st Ave, NY 11419
130-02 101st Ave , 11419
130-04 101 Ave , 11419
126-09 Liberty Ave , 11419
126-15 Liberty Ave , 11419
125-18 Liberty Ave , 11419
127-08 Liberty Ave , 11419
119-19 101st Ave, NY 11419
128-12 Liberty Ave , 11419
128-16 Liberty Ave, NY 11419

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